5 Tips That Must Be Done For A Durable Water Pump


Damage that occurs in the water pump will affect the quality of water obtained. Not only that, the damage that occurs in the water pump will make the pump unable to function and this causes daily activities such as washing, cooking and even bathing is also disrupted. Of course, this will make residents feel uncomfortable, considering that water is an important requirement that is always needed by everyone. If you want to repair a water pump, immediately contact first call restoration crew to get the best treatment. Previously, the following 5 things must be done so that the water pump is durable.

1. Pay attention to the Placement of the Water Pump
Placing the water pump carelessly in the open is not a good thing, especially if the water pump must be exposed to direct sunlight and this happens for a long time. Not to mention when heavy rain and water hit the pump. No matter how good the water pump brand you choose, if you leave it in the open, the pump will not last for long. Not to mention the electrical short circuit that can occur at any time also causes the pump to quickly damage and not be durable. For this, you can put the water pump in a closed place. Or if you have to put the pump in the open then you can make a house or a special box that is useful to protect the pump from rainwater and direct sunlight. That way the pump will remain durable and not easily damaged. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that the water pump is not crushed by heavy objects such as iron or the like. In addition to making houses and cities for pumps, you can also put a water pump under the stairs, besides being safe, the location of the water pump also makes it easy for you to do service when the pump is distracted or damaged.

2. Operation of a Water Pump
Although the water pump is considered to be one of the most powerful and durable electronic devices, you must also be careful when operating water pumps. Operating a water pump when the source of the tears is dry is not recommended. This can cause damage to the unit and also make the water pump catch fire by marking the scent of a burning engine. For this, you need to ensure that the spring does not dry when operating the pump. Mistakes like this will easily speed up the short life of the pump.

3. Clean the water pump regularly
The water pump also needs to be cleaned so that it is optimal in performance. You can clean the water pump regularly. By cleaning the water pump regularly, the dirt on the pump motor dynamo will disappear and the engine can work optimally and minimize damage. If indeed you have difficulty cleaning the water pump regularly or you do not understand which parts are allowed to be touched and which are not, you can ask for help on water pump services that have experience and are also familiar with water pumps.

4. Electric Power
Not only routine maintenance to maintain the durability of your water pump, but electrical power in the house must also be ensured adequate. If the electrical power in the house is not adequate, when you turn on the water pump, the electricity will go down and go out. If this happens many times it can cause damage to the water pump. Also, you have to keep the pump engine supply voltage not excessive. Excessive supply can cause the dynamo on the engine to suffer damage, this is due to the engine dynamo heat pump quickly and damage the capacitors or windings in the motor dynamo on the pump engine. If you can not be sure how the voltage obtained is excessive or not then you can use a stabilizer to help reduce excessive voltage sources.

5. Use a special scalar for water pumps
Choosing to use a special switch on the water pump is the right course of action. So you use only one switch and are used specifically for pump voltage. You should avoid placing multiple switches on the water pump’s electrical power source. In some cases, the placement of multiple switches can cause sparks which can trigger a fire. If there has been a fire, the only threat is a broken oar pump, but the house and its contents will also be dangerous and can even take lives. For that, it’s better to avoid bad things before they happen.

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