Advantages & Disadvantages Of Watching Television For Children


Watching movies now feels like watching TV at home. This is thanks to online sites, such as From television, we can enjoy entertainment and news or information, but from television, it is also a variety of losses can be suffered by the people of Indonesia, both losses of time, attention and even money. Well, did you know that television sometimes gives benefits and sometimes also gives harm?

Advantages of Watching TV (Television):

• We can get information or news about politics, economics, social, etc., both at home and abroad.
• Television is an entertainment tool and news source that provides audio and visual shows which are certainly more modern than radio and other news sources such as magazines and newspapers or newspapers.
• Television is a source of entertainment and news that is cheap, clean, and pleasing to the eye, compared to magazines, newspapers or newspapers.
• For children television provides benefits as entertainment and refreshes the mind when they feel bored and busy because they always study and go to school. So that by watching TV it is hoped that children can return to fresh and enthusiasm in learning and going back to school.
• For children television shows can also be useful as a source of material for certain subjects that sometimes require television as the source.

Losses of Watching TV (TV):

• Television can be addictive to the audience. Watching television continuously can result in addiction for both children and adults. People who spend most of their time watching television are usually addicted and if they do not watch television, it seems that their lives have no enthusiasm and meaning.
• For children television shows can cause children’s behaviour to imitate even very similar to the shows and stars or characters they watch so that sometimes television shows can change a child’s behaviour.
• Television shows can shape the personality of a child who is apathetic or does not care about social life or the environment.
• Television shows can make children lazy to learn.
• Watching TV too often can make it difficult for children to concentrate.
• Children who watch too much television are usually unsatisfactory in their learning values.
• Television shows can also cause children to lack appetite.
• Television shows the children become lazy to get along and socialize.

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