Convenience Is Key When Choosing A Pen


One of the factors that go into getting a good signature is a supportive pen. Signing pens should be smooth and light to use. Besides, the pen can easily create thick and thin strokes. You can get all these requirements when you use a fountain pen. The prices for fountain pens vary widely, depending on the quality and design. Choose best rated fountain pens so you get good quality writing.

In general, this nib fountain pen is made of stainless steel. For smooth writing, neither steel nor gold is the main factor. If the nib is made of good quality and the tipping ball is smooth, it will feel comfortable and smooth when used for writing. It will also suit those of you who like a consistent line thickness. The fountain pen weight also varies. Choose the ideal weight for your hand and writing style. Besides, you also pay attention to the ink that you will use. The ink used is special pen ink. Because the chemicals or pigments contained therein will not damage or corrode the nib. Each ink brand may have different content. So don’t try to mix ink because it will react with each other and cause rust on the nib. The thickness of the ink is also different for each brand.

The method of refilling ink on this type of pen also varies. Some use instant refills called ink cartridges, and there are converters or small tubes in the pen to store the ink that is sucked out of the bottled ink. In terms of price, you should know that a pen with a high price does not guarantee the good quality of the pen and the comfort of writing. In essence, if you want to buy a pen, choose one that suits your hand and your writing style.

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