Danger that Lurking Breast Implant Patients


Plastic surgery is not a taboo thing to do when you ask how to increase breasts. Many women who openly wants plastic surgery to improve the shape of the body and face or in order to have the body shape and facial beauty desired. Installation is beneficial to make the breasts look more beautiful and unbiased. Implants placed in the breast are made of silicone gel made from a type of saline water or brine. Here are the side effects that you should know before doing breast implants. In addition, you can use breast actives cream.

– The main risks of breast implants are leaking. Primary effects arising from leaking implants are nausea, dizziness, and nerve damage. The implants were leaking can also be entered into germs and bacteria that are harmful to health.

– Implants are made of artificial materials and your body has a tendency to reject foreign matter originating from outside the body. The body can not tolerate the implant will react by causing pain in the breast, swelling, and rash.

– Implants are man-made and the result could be a form of breast asymmetry. This will actually spoil the natural beauty of the breast.

– Once you have done breast implants, you should perform regular maintenance to replace them every 7-8 years. This is to prevent the leakage of the implant.

– Breast implants in women can cause damage to the blood vessels around the breasts for their material called neurotoxin in it.

– Luka former breast implant surgery is not easy to be lost and will cause scars.

– Breast implants have carcinogenic properties. Although it can not cause breast cancer, but can cause stomach cancer, lung cancer, and other cancers.

– The shape of the breast after going through the process of breast implants not as good as the original form.

Make sure before you do that, you have to understand good and poor operation you will do and do it legally. The best way is to keep using the natural way and exercise.

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