Here’s A Guide To Choosing Women’s Watches


Apart from earrings and necklaces, are known to have become the accessories most used. Not only as a timepiece, watches today are used to complement styles with a variety of contemporary models that also follow fashion trends.

Even so, the matter of wearing a wristwatch is not just a matter of style. There are some things you should pay attention to when you want to use a watch like the following:

1. Wearing a Watch on the Right or Left Hand.

There are no rules that bind to this issue. Although one of the flows of beliefs discusses it. It is stated in the belief that if the watch is used as a time marker, it is worn on the left. When used as jewelry, the right hand is the choice.

Another opinion states that at first, the watch was designed to be worn on the left hand. That is why the clock is placed on the side next to the number three instead of the number nine. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to use the watch on the right or the left.

2. Must Look Simple.

If you want to add an accessory to compliment your style of appearance, it is recommended not to be too crowded. If you want to add a bracelet, wear one or two bracelets. Because the watch itself is one form of jewelry. So, don’t get too excited about using it!

3. Different Activities, Different Material Watches.

If you include women who like to wear watches, you should be more careful. Do not let you wear the wrong watch for a particular event. Here is a guide that can make you easier to understand.

4. Fits Hand Size

The right way to wear a watch is not too loose and not too tight. A watch is not a bracelet, so choose what fits your hand size.

The problem of clock size must also be considered. Don’t let the clock size be too small, even though your hands are quite large. When buying a watch, you should first understand your hand size, then choose your watch size.

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