How Long is the Duration of Effective Workout


Physical exercise such as workout is one of the recommendations that is often given to those who want a diet other than eating healthy foods. The workout is usually done at the fitness center or gym, but there are also those who apply it themselves at home or sports arena. Those of you who are interested in incorporating workouts into a diet program must know the rules, including the effective duration of the workout. By running a workout on the schedule, you will not only get the ideal body but also better health. Visit workout den and find out the best way to workout.

Duration for each training session
Workouts usually consist of several training sessions, depending on the program you want to take up. For each session, the most recommended duration is 30 to 60 minutes or a maximum of six days per week. Don’t forget to tuck in 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. In other words, you don’t need to spend hours on the treadmill or lifting weights. Short but routine exercise will produce maximum results.

Establish a workout routine
With a duration of no more than 1 hour per day, workouts shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, establishing this routine is not easy, especially for those with busy schedules. You can rearrange your daily activities, then find gaps that can at least be used for workouts. Start with the lightest exercises for a short duration. Once the routine is built, build up slowly so that your body doesn’t get shocked.

Exercise variations in the workout
Continuing from the previous point, if you already have a fixed workout routine and are getting bored with 1-2 physical exercises, try adding variations. For example, today you walk on the treadmill, cardio tomorrow, then continue with weight training. Give a break in the middle of the week so the body can ‘breathe’ for a while. You can also invite friends or family relatives who both need physical exercise with an effective workout duration.

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