How To Train A Puppy


Maintaining the Puppy’s health is very important, therefore you can give him Life Abundance dog food. Puppy generally doesn’t have any awareness of its environment. If not trained since childhood, it can endanger the puppy. The puppy may experience trauma when socializing with the surrounding environment. For that, puppies should be given basic training and how to socialize.

What does the exercise look like and what are the benefits? Check out the explanation.

1 Basic Exercises

– “Sit and Fetch”
The “sit” command is useful in a variety of situations. Because when the puppy is in a sitting position (sit), he becomes focused on taking orders from you. Use the treat to teach the puppy to “sit”:
• Show the puppy’s favorite treats at your fingertips.
• Bring the treat over his head so he can’t take it, then place the treat lower so the puppy sits down.
• Then say “Sit!” and give him treats and compliments.
• Repeat this exercise until the puppy understands the sit command. During practice, only use the word “sit” and praise. The goal is that the puppy can understand the command “Sit” and not get confused with other words.

– Fetch (catch / retrieve)
Fetch is a game where the puppy takes a toy that was thrown and returns it to you. By returning it, the puppy learns to obey. Also, this game can improve the work of the heart and its dexterity.
• Puppies who don’t understand the word fetch can be trained by playing tug-of-war.
• When playing tug-of-war, take the toy from his mouth and shake it to get his attention. Throw the toy, but not too far.
• After the puppy bites the toy, take it to play tug-of-war again. Do it many times with the distance the longer it gets farther until Puppy understands the concept of fetch.
• If Puppy already understands, it can be invited to play fetch with the ball. Socializing exercises
• Puppies can learn how to socialize from you and other dogs. Check out the following tips:

2 Outreach with the Owner
A fun way to teach him is through the puppy’s favorite toy. While playing, pick up the toy and give it to the puppy again after a few minutes. That way, the puppy understands that you are the leader.

3 Outreach with Other Dogs
Have the puppy play with an adult dog who already knows how to socialize. So that adult dogs can correct the puppy’s behavior through a growl or a small bite. The Puppy will surely understand that every (negative) response from an adult dog is a form of correction for him.

And because puppies easily lose focus, you will have to be patient enough to repeat the exercise. Don’t forget to give him a break.

Let’s form the puppy mindset and mental mindset from the start so that he grows up to be a well-behaved dog.

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