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Tiles in your house look dull? Do not rush to replace new tiles because of the dull tiles can be caused by long-standing dirt, items that are placed on the tile for a long time, and age. But there are materials that you can use to make dull tiles that look like new. There are several ways to clean dull tiles easily and practically. Or if you want to get shiny tiles and look like new without a hassle then you could use the service of useful content. However, you could also try to make the tiles in your house shine with simple materials you could find in your kitchen.

Dull stains on tiles can be caused by oil stains. The kitchen is the most vulnerable place exposed to oil stains. If the walls and floors of the kitchen are coated with tile, try looking at the tiles, they look dull and full of oil. How to clean dull tiles due to oil stains is to use flour. Sprinkle flour in oily tiles. After settling for a while, clean the remaining flour and oil stains with a cloth. For floor tiles, you can mop with a solution of water and cleaning mixture. While the tile on the wall can be cleaned with a dishwashing sponge dipped in a solution of water and dishwashing liquid soap.

You can use vinegar to make dull tiles so clean and shiny as new. The trick is to pour enough white vinegar over the dull tile. Let stand for 15 minutes, then use a dry cloth to rub the tile. After finishing, proceed with cleaning the tiles using a floor cleaning liquid or dishwashing liquid soap to remove the very strong vinegar aroma. Or you could use chlorine. It is common knowledge that chlorine is used to purify water. Well, how to clean a dull tile is to sprinkle the tile powder on a dull tile, both on the floor or wall. After settling for 30 minutes, rinse the tile using clean water. To remove dull stains that are still attached, rub the tile using a brush while rinsing with clean water. Do this 2-3 times until the dull tile looks shiny.
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