Take a Peek at SEO Trends 2020


Getting top rankings on search engines on the internet is the desire of all business people. It can also be used as one of the keys to your business success because normally if someone needs any information from a product or in whatever case he needs, that person will open the sites that are at no. 1 search engine. With so many people visiting your site, the higher your website traffic will be. Visit our website and learn more about SEO reseller.

Making a site ranked in the top search sites can not be separated from the activity called SEO. Almost every website or online shop has assumed that SEO is something that is very important. SEO greatly impacts the profit they will get. As we know SEO is a product of the digital era over time SEO also develops according to current or rising trends.

As an SEO user whatever your business sector, it helps you see and learn what this SEO 2020 trend is. This is useful to facilitate how you manage your SEO. SEO is part of one of the ways used as a marketing strategy.

The following are some predictions of SEO experts in 2020:

Zero Click Search
Thanks to SERP features such as featured snippets or Google Local Pack, it is predicted that by 2020 more searches will be done by zero-click searches. This means that users do not need to click on the website to find the desired information. To keep the traffic from Google, it’s a good idea for website owners to pay attention to click metrics (CTR) when doing research with keywords used on your website.

Voice Search
With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence and chatbots, Voice Search is one of the trends that will develop this year. Voice Search is a sound technology that is used to search for something on a search engine via voice. The results of the search are usually displayed by Google in the form of snippets. Therefore you must complete the features of your website so that it can be displayed in the snippet feature.

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