The Belief That Some People Born With The Talent To Become Stars


It is often said that some people are “Born to be stage stars”. Many parents and grandparents, for example, joke about their children who are destined to live as stars, because of their confidence when showing off their singing, dancing, or acting skills and how they react to the praise they get from their family. Some may even start applying for modeling or acting classes for children of their own free will. Although I believe that some people are born to be movies or stage stars, I’m not at all saying that people who lack confidence should not bother competing for a place in the entertainment industry. Get rid of that prejudice! Furthermore, if you want to test your confidence even further, you can try to perform in One Woman Shows.

However, the difficult thing is to convince those who have low self-confidence to be proud of themselves and actually register and go to drama courses. And in the end, it must be their decision because if they want to change, then they need to find ways to make changes in their lives for the better.

It is not said that friends and family members cannot emotionally support and encourage you to enroll in drama classes for beginners.

If you know someone who you feel will benefit you from increasing your confidence through singing lessons, dancing lessons or learning acting skills and getting valuable acting tips, then focus on them and offer to befriend them to get support. You can even be someone who makes them comfortable to hang out with and practice with.

So, in what specific ways can act affect my abilities and quality?

By taking part in acting classes and acting exercises means taking one or two hours a week (if not more) to interact with like-minded individuals in class and practice acting techniques together. Not only chatting with other people who have the same passion for theater (or sharing your fears about it!) It also serves to help you fight shame and become more sociable in various social situations.

By emphasizing this social skill with people you feel comfortable with, it will make things easier for you when you find yourself in social situations that make you feel self-conscious or nervous.

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