These Tabletop Choices Might Be The Best For Your Kitchen


If you are confused about finding the most suitable ingredients for your kitchen, think first about your needs and habits in the kitchen. Don’t forget to also consider the overall kitchen design, including the backsplash kitchen set used. Meanwhile, if you want to improve the elegant look of your kitchen, we suggest you buy dallas granite countertops.

Here are some tabletop choices that you can choose complete with their advantages and disadvantages:


Another natural stone that is often used as a kitchen tabletop set is granite. In terms of aesthetics, no less luxurious than marble, many choices of colors and motifs. Granite material is also stronger, durable, small porous, and not easily scratched. If you want to use granite, be sure to coat it with a good coating. In addition, the kitchen set material must also be strong to withstand heavy granite loads.


Marble is one of the most favorite tabletop ingredients. It looks glamorous, modern, luxurious, and unique. Its strong, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant character is perfect for those who often roast and cook. Marble is a natural stone whose surface is cold, smooth, and clean, also has a variety of colors and patterns. However, marble pores are large enough to easily absorb water and stains, also not as strong and not as dense as granite. If not diligently cleaned, after a long time the appearance will look dull and you have to polish it regularly.

Stainless Steel

If your residential industrial concept, there’s no harm in choosing stainless steel as a kitchen tabletop set. This material is usually used in restaurant kitchens, easily bent and scratched. Nevertheless, the advantages of this material are quite waterproof, heat, mildew, easy to clean from stains and the installation process is easier.

Concrete and Ceramics

In addition to being cheap, ceramic concrete also has many patterns, colors, and textures so that it is easier for you to mix and match with a kitchen theme. However, many people consider it old-fashioned, and also the part of the connection or grout between ceramics that are easily soiled makes this one material begin to be abandoned.

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