These Tips Help You Choose Clothes According To Your Body Shape


Clothes can determine a woman’s appearance. There are tons of special clothing models for women with their respective designs and motifs. Some clothes can give a certain impression on body shape. If you want to visit a store that has various sizes with excellent style, you can go to womens clothing kelowna.

So you are not wrong in choosing women’s clothes according to body shape, you can try a few tips below:

Choose the Color Carefully

The color of the shirt more or less affects how the body will be represented. Certain colors create different impressions from each other. For example, dark colors like black are suitable for those who have a slightly fat posture because not black can give the illusion of a leaner body. While clothes with bright colors can make thin people look fuller. So you should be able to determine the best color of clothes to match the body shape when you want to appear more confident.

Determine Motives to Be Worn

The second tip for being able to wear clothes according to body shape is to determine the motives for the clothes to wear. Some clothing motifs can determine how your body will look. Shirts with lively motifs can make the body look wider than it really is. Conversely, clothes with plain motifs can make your body look slimmer. Pair with a balanced subordinate so that the appearance is not too crowded or too innocent.

Determine the Waist Shape of the Shirt

The shape of the waist on the shirt will greatly affect how the body’s shape will look. Women in general like clothes with a smaller waist shape to emphasize the waist so that the body looks curvier. Some clothes are also designed with a rubber waist so that the shape of the waist looks smaller. But on the contrary, for those who do not like to show off body shape, straight waist shape on the shirt will be a very beneficial appearance. Clothes like sweaters or loose t-shirts are suitable for those who want to look comfortable and loose.

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