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Installing glass tile may be a good way to reinforce your kitchen, bathroom or pool remodeling project. With such a huge variety of colors, shapes and styles, this type of tile makes the perfect choice for an elegant solution to any designing theme. Add in the fact that these tiles are one of the most affordable tile products on the belktile.com market today and it’s hard not to see why it’s such a popular element in home design.

Before beginning any glass tile grouting project, the affixed tiles must have been allowed to cure for 36-48 hours. Any debris should be removed employing a brush or shop vacuum. Use a wet sponge to remove any exposed thin-set that may have cured to the tiles. Choosing the right grout color to match your glass tile is essential to preventing blemishes and imperfections from being easily spotted. Because of the reflective surfaces on these tiles, grout can disrupt the refraction of light, easily catching the eye and revealing blemishes in the tiles. A suitable match is one that is similar in color to the tiles color.

Mixing grout is as simple as making pancake batter. Use a paddle bit and a ½” drill to mix non-sanded grout into a five gallon bucket, stirring in water slowly. Once the mix has achieved the consistency of pancake batter, the grout will be mixed to perfection. Add more water or more grout as needed to thin or thicken the grout mix. In situations where glass tile is exposed to extreme temperature differences, an elasticizing polymer is added to the mix, allowing the grout to stretch and flex, preventing breaks from occurring in the delicate glass tiles.

Using a grout float, scoop a manageable amount of grout onto the float. Start at the farthest or highest spot away from you and spread the grout in between the tiles diagonally across the pattern. Don’t worry about getting grout all over the tiles. The grout must be firmly pressed into the grout lines with the grout float, covering all spaces and voids. See their full range of home improvement products and glass tile in belktile.com.

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