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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing a Girl

If you are trying to win a woman’s heart, it is easy to assume and make mistakes and get yourself stuck in the friend zone, or worse, rejected. What you want is to make sure that you want to make this right. Here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid when pursuing a woman to help you out.

Excessive Sexual Interest

Yes, we live in the modern world, and almost everybody has an open mind when it comes to being intimate with another person, but this does not mean that it can help you win the womans’ heart. Doing so will only make you seem like a creepy man. And that is what you do not want to happen. And if what you are looking to have with this girl is a long-lasting relationship, showing too much sexual interest too early can lead to rejection.

No Sexual Intentions At All

Now, this is the opposite of what is being discussed above. When appearing to have too much sexual interest can make you look bad, showing no interest is also not good. If you tend to act overly friendly and reserved, you can end up being in the friend zone. And once you are stuck, it will not be easy to get out of it.

Acting Too Needy

When men hate women who are too needy, you have to remember that the feeling is mutual. For example, you can text to check on her a couple of times a day, but there’s no need to be extra. It might make her think you are not doing anything in your life, apart from annoying her with your messages.

Being too Hard on Yourself

They say that no effort goes without being noticed. But you have to remember that a woman will also know when you are trying too hard to win her. This type of guy will try to lift himself by exaggerating his achievements to impress a girl. Or someone who tries too hard to be funny, not knowing that he borderlines on being corny.

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