Westword.com since 2013

Westword.com Print publications are published weekly. Voice MediaGroup had owned Westword since January 2013, when a senior management group took over the previous owner.

Patricia Calhoun (Patricia Calhoun) has been editor-in-chief of the West since she and two friends started the magazine in 1977. Calhoun and her former partner sold the newspaper to New Times Media in 1983. In 2005, New EraMedia created 14 pressures across the country using Village Voice Media to acquire VillageVoice Media. In January 2013, former VoiceMedia Village leaders Scott Tobias, Christine Brennan, and Jeff Mars purchased articles from VVM and related online resources and founded Voice MediaGroup.

Westword’s research and special reports have won several awards, including ChrisWalker’s story “AcidTrip,” which won the Sigma Delta ChiAward 2017 from the Professional Journalists Association. The westword.com publication website has a comprehensive listing of daily news, music, art, and other events. It provides a list of restaurants and bars.

Denver best

In the West, employees annually present the “Best Denver Awards” to hundreds of people, restaurants, bars, and stores in the Denver area. The newspaper also hosts an annual “West Word Music Showcase” concert, featuring dozens of local bands and national titles on the Golden Triangle site. Westword.com also has a list of top annual planners specializing in the Denver area arts and culture contributions. Other live events include Artopia (an annual arts event) and Tacolandia (which has dozens of local Taqueria and live music), and Feast (which focuses on the street food scene).

Westword is a free alternative weekly based in Denver, Colorado. Westword was independently founded in 1977. In 1983 it was acquired by New Times Media. In 2005, NewEra acquired VillageVoice Media and renamed Village VoiceMedia. In September 2012, Village VoiceMedia executives Scott Tobias, Christine Brennan, and Jeff Mars purchased Village Voice Media papers and related online resources from the founders and founded Voice MediaGroup.