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Apps to be installed after buying a new laptop

When buying a new laptop, it won’t contain many apps for your entertainment. First decide the purpose of your laptop: either for entertainment use or business use. After deciding the purpose, you can install apps for laptop.

Apps that can be installed on your laptop for entertainment

  • Google Chrome
  • Spotify
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • Antivirus
  • Media player
  • IObit drive booster

Google Chrome

The first thing is to install Google Chrome on your laptop. For most of the latest models, this app is already installed by the system provider for the user’s convenience. If in any case, your system is not running with Chrome, it’s recommended to install it. This app helps the user in numerous ways, like searching, studying, downloading, and so on.


This is an entertainment app that is used by many people around the world. This app is primarily used to listen to songs on demand via online streaming or by downloading and adding them to a playlist. This app contains songs in multiple languages; you can choose the language of the song that you wish to hear.

apps download
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This is a photo editing app that makes your skills develop. This can be used as a business app or also for entertainment purposes with funny editing. This is a top-ranked editing app that can be installed on your system.


This is a common app that most system users have installed. The newly bought device has inbuilt antivirus software. For additional security, the best antivirus app available for laptops can be used. They offer you additional security for your device.

Media player

All the new laptops have their own media player in them. However, the features are limited, so you should install apps for laptop like VLC media player or any other media that you prefer. So, you can enjoy it by playing media online with additional features.

IObit drive booster

New laptops are speedy at initial startup, but later the performance reduces day by day. To avoid this, drive boosters are recommended to be installed to maintain your laptop’s performance constant.