Cognac – The King of Brandy

Brandy is typically made from a blend of white wine and distilled grape brandy, usually produced at a higher proof to create the desired effect. Cognac is the French name for brandy which comes from the Spanish word aguardiente, and originally referred to any type of strong unfortified wine similar to port or sherry. It can be made from any grape, but it is traditionally made from the grapes of the Bordeaux region in southwest France, but premium cognac and brandy available In las vegas is now produced all over the world.

Brandy is distilled to a much higher proof than wine, which means that a single distillation will produce more spirit than will a whole fermentation. In the case of Cognac, however, a spirit made at 72–78% alcohol by volume (ABV), or higher in some cases is desired. Once distilled, the alcohol is removed and sometimes replaced with water, referred to as “a” cognac, and then it will be aged in oak barrels for a specified period of time to bring out sweetness from the wine.

Part of this process is determining how much aging the cognac will have before it is bottled. Some distillers prefer a young brandy that doesn’t have time to fully mature in the bottle, but others prefer an aged brandy that has gone through several distillations. The composition of this blend of spirit and alcohol when it is ready depends on the blend of wine used and the desired aging.

Regardless of how it is made, cognac is a drink that will make you feel good when you are done. It is a drink that will warm you and make you feel like the king of brandy.