Free Disability Courses

List of the Online Free Disability Courses

For those who are seeking to know more about disability rights or connecting with people with disabilities. There are a lot of online disability courses that you can try for free. The courses provide a great chance to enhance your understanding of the problems encountered by people with disabilities. And how you can function towards securing basic human rights. And enough care for people affected.

Nowadays, there are a lot of problems in the care system. Associated with the way that people with disabilities tend and usually, their basic human rights are not centered. In the way that they must be. With the available material online to know more about our rights, needs, and concerns of people with disabilities. You can boost your skills to make a genuine impact.

Best Free Online Disability Courses


  • Disability Awareness and Support

This course is available at the University of Pittsburgh. This course is focused on people who are working in education. It aids them to know how to be competent and confident with and help students with disabilities. The course launched explores the United States legislation. Associated to disabilities in higher education and as definitions of disability.

  • Through my Eyes

This course is accessible by the University of Queensland. Wherein you will learn more about the hardships and abilities of individuals who are living with disabilities. The series focus to expand the perspective by providing a voice to people with disabilities. That have the skills and capacity to live a normal life with correct assistance and understanding. It also aims at the wide inadequacy of health services provided.

Free Disability Courses

  • Able Minded Mental Health & People with Intellectual Disability

This course aims to enhance the understanding of mental health issues. Also, the ethical decision-making for people that has intellectual disabilities. This course centers on mental health by educating people. On the complexities of diagnosing mental health issues. Also, how you go about diagnosis using assessments and screenings. The course looks at the legal, treatment, and ethical complexities of health care.

  • Global Health and Disability

This course focus on the impact of disability globally, this course studies how people with disabilities are ignored. On an international and national level and the barriers. They are encountering in accessing rehabilitation, health, and education services. This course aims to boost awareness of the significance of the well-being and health of people with disabilities. You may understand ways to lessen societal stigma against disability and how an approach to health care is a human right. This comprises distinct services such as rehabilitation. This course is a superb asset to anyone interested and how enhancing health services. Has an impact on human rights and global development.

These are some of the best disability courses you can consider if you’re searching for one.