Mad Company Comedy Tamil Web Series On Aha

Mad Company Comedy Tamil Web Series On Aha

Wondering what series you should binge-watch during your weekends? There is no better pick than mad company. You can watch this comedy series exclusively on Aha’s OTT platform. If comedy is your genre, then watch all the top-listed Tamil comedy movies on Aha today.

Mad company is set to release on 30 September 2022 on the popular OTT platform Aha Tamil. You will be able to catch all the episodes of Mad company on the Aha platform.

The cast of mad company

The mad company was directed by Raja Ramamurthy and produced by Vignesh Vijaykumar. The lead cas o Mad Company is Prasanna, Dhanya Blakrishna and Kaniha.

Story of the mad company

The plot of the movie Mad Company revolves around an actor AK who is a renowned movie star. He founded a company named the mad company after he was banned from films. The company, mad company, provides emotional support to individuals who require it.

The Mad company exploits the requirements of individuals who desire to be with individuals or people around them to fill out the void within them.

Furthermore, in the plot, we see that Arman, a nemesis of AK, who owns a news channel, strictly directs his team to tarnish the reputation of the Mad Company. This is taken as their only supreme goal.

What to expect from Mad company?

Mad Company is an interesting web series that has an interesting and unique plot. The theme of the movie is experimental and wacky. It is bound to win the hearts of all the viewers. The overall concept of the movie is very heart-warming and relatable to the viewers owing to its popularity.

It is one of the most quirky, with constant entertainment. It is, overall, a spectacular watch and a great way to end your day. It is an 8 episodes web series that will fulfill all your craving to have a hearty comedy watch. We get a detailed view of AK’s life and all his life choices.

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