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The Benefits of Switching from Smoking to Vaping Salt Nicotine

Vaping is an incredible alternative to smoking cigarettes. A lot of people all over the world have made the switch. And it’s an excellent experience for all users. Moreover, vapers love juices that have flavors. But it’s not all about the flavors and using technology to inhale and exhale smoke. It’s all about the nicotine. Many people switch to vaping because they want to lower their nicotine dosage. But some want to get a quick fix without overdoing it. Some are even comparing low nic salt vs salt nic. Overall, it’s a great sensation one should experience as a smoker.

A Quick Nicotine Fix

Some heavy smokers would smoke a pack of cigarettes per day to get their daily nicotine fix. Their tolerance would grow, and one pack sometimes isn’t enough. But with freebase nicotine (salt nic), it’s absorbed by the body in a build-up way. Therefore, the feeling of satisfaction is longer. Vape users with a high tolerance may want to take a hit more than the average user. However, it’s drastically shorter than when you smoke a pack per day.

Furthermore, nic salts give better and faster fixes, which are usually in seconds! Additionally, it enters the bloodstream, similar to smoking a cigarette. So it gives the feeling that they’re trying to replicate while smoking.

Cheaper than a Pack of Cigs

Since cigarette smoking is bad for your health, many countries try to regulate it by making them pricier. A pack of cigarettes can sometimes equal your grocery tab every week. However, switching to vaping can help curb your addiction and help you save money too. Of course, nic salts are pricier. But given the fact that they can make you feel satisfied right away, you don’t have to buy a lot. It can deliver nicotine to your body efficiently, making you not crave smoking anymore. So you’ll be consuming less juice and stop smoking cigarettes altogether.

Smoother & Milder Hits with Longer Shelf Life

Smoking is known for its harsh hits, which can make you cough. So if you’re tired of that, nic salts are a better alternative. Furthermore, scientists have found out that nic salts absorb less efficiently without the added benzoic acid. But there’s no hard evidence that suggests benzoic acid is not safe, so adding it can be beneficial.

Additionally, they’re more chemically stable than other vape liquids. It’s how they can withstand a longer shelf life. But that doesn’t mean the quality of nicotine is the same. So it’s better to use your nic salts right away.